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China, People’s Republic
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Specialized Neonatal Monitor C60
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About Us
As one of famous medical device supplier in the world, Comen's products have been exceptional in six fields, they are electro-physiology monitoring, ECG diagnosis, ultrasonic maternal and fetal monitoring, anesthesia, neonatal nursing, OR devices. Over 30,000 medical institutions and social healthcare centers are benefiting from Comen’s leading technologies, products and services.

At present, Comen has three groups of R&D departments, they are electro-physiology monitoring, breathing and anesthesia and ceiling pendent and R&D engineers is over 300 people. Comen also attaches important to international talent strategy, to build 28 branch offices in domestic market and 10 subsidiary companies with over 100 foreign employees in abroad such as America, Germany, Russia, India etc. Company annual sale amount has kept 50% high speed growing in the past 4 years.

More than 60% of class 3-A hospitals is using Comen Medical Device; we also won good praise from famous hospitals such as First affiliated hospital of China Medical University, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, The general hospital of Chinese People's Liberation Army, First affiliated hospital of Beijing University and West China Hospital of Sichuan University. Last year, at the bidding of medical equipment which was organized by the Chinese people's Liberation Army General Logistics Department and the Ministry of Health, we successfully won more than 800 units of Twelve-channel ECG Machine CM1200B.

Comen has always adhered to the product idea of the users (departments) demand-oriented, is the initiator and leader of the concept “specialized product, specialized usage” in the field of patient monitoring. In 2008, starting from the demand of NICU department, we successfully developed the first specialized Neonatal Monitor C60 in the world; it fully filled the blank of the field of NICU monitoring. Further, more and more specialized monitors such as transport monitor, emergency monitor, and cardiovascular monitor were developed and produced.

Recent years, Comen actively implement and promote the strategy of whole intellectual property right including patents, trademarks and copyrights. Due to the 4th quarter of 2014, the numbers of patents got to 250 items, there, PCT international patent was 15 items and copyright and trademark were about 100 items. We also got the trademarks in the following district and country: America, Mexico, EU,AU and India.

Comen, from small company setting up with only 8 employees to becoming international famous medical device supplier, it depends on the spirit of hard work and struggle. Just the enterprise culture of dream, honor and struggle, continuously drive Comen forward developing.

As a medical device manufacturer, Comen consistently adheres to the notion of “Comen Share with the World”. Share with the world innovative and advanced technologies; Share with the world improved and exceptional products; Share with the world scientific management and qualified services; Share with the world the joy of sharing.

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