Building 21, Hualun Sci-Tech Park, 1st Ind Fenghuang Fuyong, Baoan, 518103 Shenzhen
China, People’s Republic
Telephone +86 755 81461051
Fax +86 755 81461030

Product Categories

01 Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
01.01 Diagnostics
01.01.02 Heart circulation diagnostics
Heart circulation diagnostics

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Company details
Founded in 1998, Shenzhen Skoocom Electronic Co., Ltd. is a professional company developing, manufacturing and marketing pneumatic pumps, solenoid valves and electromagnets of various specifications. From the beginning, Skoocom identified that its success would come from science and technology, constant innovation, management integrity and high quality. As a result of its development talent, Skoocom possesses strong product knowhow, several patents and other items of intellectual property. In addition to its standard line of products, Skoocom develops special products, pumps, solenoid valves or electromagnets, for the customer’s specific application and requirements.
Quality is paramount at Skoocom so, each phase of the process, from development through delivery to the customer, undergoes strict quality control and reliability testing.

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