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10 Equipment and technologies for laboratories and manufacturing
10.01 Laboratory equipment
10.01.05 Flow-control and flowmeters
Flow-control and flowmeters

FS6122; FS6122H
Magflux A
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Company details
15 years experience - IDENTIC
Since more than 15 years IDENTIC is specialized in gas and liquid flow measurement and control instrumentation. Our Capital & Advantage is the long-term practical experience with mechanical and electronic flow measuring principles and sensors of different brands in many industrial areas. We have a far reaching expertise regarding strength and weakness of different measuring principles in specific applications. Our knowledge and access to premium class products also beyond our web presentation is a guarantee for the best suited solution for your measuring task.

Take advantage and benefit from our long-standing experience!

Medical, Environmental, Automotive, and Aerospace - IDENTIC
IDENTIC offers flow measurement instruments in different industries - from the smallest plastic packaged low cost OEM-Sensor for technical equipment series production, to metal housed sensors for machinery plants up to process and field instrumentation for harsh environment industrial use. We consult and support our customers with the aim of a competent and long-term co-operation and relationship.

Call us - we are ready to start with you!

Premium class products - IDENTIC
Flow measurement is a complex area with many sensors and manufacturers and various principles of measurement. We provide selected products of high quality - our speciality is to select the right sensor with the appropriate price-performance balance for your individual application.

Quality – Durability – with an optimal price-performance balance!

Competent in consultancy - IDENTIC
Our customers satisfaction and a long-term relationship is our highest priority. The technical knowledge and a deep understanding of complex applications while implementing gas and liquid flow sensors makes IDENTIC to the partner of your choice. We select the most suitable senor(s) taking also into account alternative solutions for your measuring task.
IDENTIC - our experience will be your goal!

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