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1506 Ivac Way, 27522 Creedmoor
United States of America
Telephone +1 919 5293133

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05 Commodities and Consumer Goods
05.02 Universal medical commodities
Universal medical commodities

NEMA 4-Wire Twist Lock Plugs
NEMA 5-15 to IEC 320 C13 Locking Power Cords
Surge Filter/Protect - DIN Rail
NEMA 2 Wire Twist Lock Inlets
HUBBELL SDSB1A Temporary Power Distribution Center 30a Mixed Receptacles Fully GFCI
5 Products

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Company details
We have many unique manufacturing capabilities in the USA with production lines for molded TAA compliant power cords, Bus/Electrical drops, PDU whips, Wiring Harness, Distribution Boxes, Power Supply cords, and Plug Adapters. We also mold and mechanically terminate assemblies in-country, qualifying this product as Made in the USA. We empower our customers—through our web site—to design a custom product and order it in real-time, access our strong staff knowledge base, and receive the product with the fastest turn-around in the industry and no minimum order.

Largest Stock
As a market leader, we have business relationships to offer other quality manufacturer’s products.Many of these relationships are exclusive or semi-exclusive. We stock a robust selection of power products fromaround the globe and boast the largest in-stock inventory in the world, often times offering same day shipping. We do business in every corner of the earth—exporting to more than 100 countries annually—with the support of a multi-lingual team of account managers covering all of Europe from our Czech Republic facility and Shipping directly from our USA, Europe, or China facilities with no Minimum Order Quantity.

Most importantly, we are proud of our commitment to the quality of the products we sell so you can buy with confidence. With an on-staff quality team, we frequently visit suppliers to ensure sourcing of only the highest quality materials. Our ISO9001-2008and ISO14001 Quality Management System (QMS) certifies all products are HIPOT tested prior to shipping, and we provide full traceability for materials from copper rod to the finished product, thus protecting our customers from dangerous counterfeit product. For your reference, our Underwriter Laboratories (UL) files are E250704, E334382, and E338977.

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