Tech med Tm – TMS SAS

P.O. Box 4, 89290 Champs-sur-Yonne
RN 6, route de Saint-Bris, 89290 Champs-sur-Yonne
Telephone +33 645 705805
Fax +33 386 538042

Product Categories

04 Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology
04.14 Training equipment
Training equipment

Treadmill - Physio 200
Ergocyle - Physio 400 series
Tm Oxygen 4700 - Ergocycle
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Company details
Specialised range for functional rehabilitation
From design to production, Tech med Tm is constantly looking for the greatest reliability in its products, through tried and tested industrial technology, using its exceptional mastery of applied techniques.

Exclusive design and robust construction :
The excellent reputation of Tech med Tm within numerous functional rehabilitation centres in France and abroad, is founded on the quality of our range, our reactivity – which is particularly well-appreciated – and our readiness to suggest services which are adapted to the specific needs in this area of activity.

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