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Thinklabs One - Digital Stethoscope
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About Thinklabs Medical

Every two milliseconds, a patient is examined with a Thinklabs Digital Stethoscope.

Thinklabs Medical is a leading digital stethoscope company, serving customers around the world from its ISO-certified manufacturing and support facility in Colorado, USA. Thinklabs Digital Stethoscopes have been marketed since 2003, are FDA-approved and received the CE mark in 2017.

Thinklabs Medical makes the One Digital Stethoscope, featuring patented electromagnetic diaphragm technology and a revolutionary form factor. The novel sensor provides exceptional sound quality and more than 100 times amplification, making it the loudest stethoscope in the world -- and it fits in the palm of your hand.

Thinklabs stethoscopes are valued by clinicians in cardiology, pulmonology, intensive care, infectious disease, and telemedicine, prized for their audio quality and Thinklabs’ service and support. Thinklabs’ customers include world-renowned researchers and educators at institutions including the National Institutes of Health, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, and the Mayo Clinic.

Students use Thinklabs recordings to learn auscultation, and educators depend on Thinklabs stethoscopes to teach this skill, including at Harvard University. The Thinklabs YouTube channel has enjoyed more than 2.5 million views over the last two years.

The aesthetics of One have also garnered accolades. The device received the Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design in 2017. The award recognizes the most innovative industrial, product and graphic designs from around the world.

Thinklabs One has become the world’s most popular tele-auscultation device, having been integrated into carts, kits and kiosks from leading providers such as Avizia, Iron Bow, and Yorktel. The One integrates seamlessly with premiere videoconferencing platforms such as Cisco, Polycom, Vidyo and Zoom. Most important, the One sounds the same, whether your patient is standing in front of you or thousands of miles away.

Thinklabs develops iOS and Android applications for use with Thinklabs One, to capture sounds for research, medical education, telemedicine and digital health applications. Thinklabs plans to create low-cost devices for home care and for use in low-resource environments.

Thinklabs has been featured in the New England Journal of Medicine, The New York Times and other publications. Founded in 1991 in Denver, Colorado, USA, Thinklabs Thinklabs has been featured in The New York Times, New England Journal of Medicine, and Contemporary Pediatrics. For more information, visit or call +1-303-525-3458.

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