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Product categories
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Aseptic packaging equipment

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12.01 Packaging equipment
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Form-fill seal equipment

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Thermoform fill and seal equipment

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Controlled atmosphere packaging equipment

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Packaging robotic systems

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Our products
FR 305 Horizontal flow wrapper
FR 305 Horizontal flow wrapper

Product category: Automatic packaging systems, Packaging robotic systems

FR 305 Horizontal flow wrapper
Horizontal Flow Wrapper (HFFS) that makes a three sealing pillow pack. Specially oriented to bakery, cookies, chocolates and candy-confectionery industries.

The new FR 305 Horizontal flow wrapper is the result of ULMA’s commitment to innovation and technological development. This ongoing process has given rise to the new FR 305 as part of the range of rotary jaw packaging machines.

The new FR 305 substitutes the previous family of bottom film rotary jaw packaging machines, adding to the experience, strength and proven reliability of the previous models, the latest technological developments.

The new FR 305 features all these characteristic strength, reliability, and operation simplicity of the ULMA machines, together with an ergonomic cantilever design that makes cleaning and sanitizing easier. Added to these well known characteristics of ULMA machines, the new model also features very high flexibility for the different format changeovers thanks to the state of the art industrial PC electronic platform.

All these features make the FR 305 the ideal machine that will fulfil the needs of customers requiring to pack irregular products or products that are difficult to transport.

Electronic packaging machine powered with independent motors synchronised electronically.
Machine is built on a cantilever format, reducing dirt and dust accumulation, permitting optimum cleaning and hygiene. It also gives an easy access to the mechanical and electrical components.
Left to Right operating direction.
In-feed conveyor is 2 meters long (in the standard configuration).
Easy access reel holder that simplifies the loading of heavy rolls.
Adjustable film folding box.
Longitudinal sealing system by film feeding and sealing rollers, with a height adjustment system providing quick and easy settings.
Cross seal is made by rotary sealing jaws with an electronic overload safety switch.
Machine parameter settings (bag length, pusher position, ...) from touch screen.
Machine includes a 5" monochrome touch screen for the user/machine interface, including functions as parameters settings, machine status information, fault diagnostics, etc.
Control allows data storage for up to 99 different machines set-ups.
Wide variety of in-feed conveyor designs is available in variable lengths to accommodate the required lay-out.
Wide variety of auto feeding systems.
"No Product – No Bag" function.
"Misplaced product safety" function.
Print registration photocell.
Right to Left oriented machine.
Stainless Steel version suitable for wet environments.
Shrink film version.
D-cam type jaw version for laminated films.
Wide variety of printing equipment.

TFE 500 thermoformer
TFE 500 thermoformer

Product category: Thermoform fill and seal equipment, Controlled atmosphere packaging equipment, Automatic packaging systems, Packaging robotic systems

TFE 500 thermoformer
Thermoforming machine for flexible or rigid film with modified atmosphere (MAP) and vacuum options. Medium-high performance level.

TFE series thermoforming machines for food and non food packaging with special adaptations focused to disposable medical products capable of both flexible and rigid packaging.

Optional vacuum and gas flushing systems to create (MAP) modified atmosphere packages are available.

They are constructed in corrosion resistant materiales and a full stainless steel structure.

All their functional modules have been designed to give them strength, in addition to a high operational reliability, allowing to be adapted to different formats and production requirements.

Easy format change
UPC control system:
7" colour touch screen display.
7" colour touch screen display.
Easy and user friendly.
Multi-language and all kind of characters support (cyrillic, arabic, katakana ...).
Control and display programs easily updatable (USB or Ethernet).
Security backups to pendrive (USB).
Access protection with 3 permission levels.
Ethernet interface.
Remote view and control system same as the one available in the HMI at the machine.
Display of current rate. Cycle optimization tools based on time monitoring of each stations.
Construction features
Modular construction.
Stainless steel frame.
Safety standard according to "EC" regulations.
Modular machine that can be enlarged depending on the project.
Easy access to internal components of the machine, with removable lateral covers.
Optional additional dies available for the machines.
Ease of maintenance
Minimum maintenance.
Maintenance program integrated in the control panel.
Remote Support Management (RSM). Connection is made by Ethernet with http access (internet).
Original top level commercial components.
High performance multi-purpose machines. With a long list of specific devices developed to meet the needs of each product to be packaged, production requirements and pack
specifications, these machine models can respond to all type of packaging needs.

Most common options
Dosing and product loading systems.
Die/reel holder trolley.
Pack convergers.
Coding and printing systems.
UST seal test checker (ULMA seal tester).
Metal detectors.
Integration in end of lines.

SMART 300 traysealer
SMART 300 traysealer

Product category: Aseptic packaging equipment, Form-fill seal equipment, Thermoform fill and seal equipment, Controlled atmosphere packaging equipment, Automatic packaging systems, Packaging robotic systems

SMART 300 traysealer
Semiautomatic traysealing machines for all kind of preformed trays. Can make modified atmosphere (MAP) and vacuum packing. Manual tray transport system with basic performance level.

A machine for heat sealing various food products in modified atmosphere (MAP). The model SMART 400 or 500 is capable of sealing a wide range of trays and film, to conform to the requirements of the product.

The process starts by placing trays with the product in them into the cavities of the machine.

The cycle is completely automatic and is carried out by activating the 2 start buttons simultaneously which will cause the following sequence of operations:
Insertion and closure of the tray cavities.
Vacuum if required (optional).
Gas flush if required (optional).
Sealing of the film to the tray.
Form cutting of the film.
Trays return to starting position.
Film advances for next cycle.
During the return of the cavities to the starting position the trays are lifted to facilitate the removal and reloading of the cavities.

Should more than one cavity size be needed, changing operations are fast and do not require the use of tools. A tray's height is changed in one minute and a complete cavity change is carried out in less than 5 minutes.

The SMART conforms to International "CE" safety codes and conforms to ISO 9001 quality standards.
Safety covers are provided to limit access to the cutting and sealing area during the cycle.
The covers are equipped with safety switches.
The two hand start requires the operator to hold the 2 start buttons one with each hand until the cavity draw is in place and the packaging cycle starts.
The control circuits operate on 24 volts.
Construction Features:
Manufactured with corrosion-resistant materials.
Programmable logic control system SIEMENS.
LCD parameter and status display.
Error message display.
Conforms to International "CE" safety codes, and ISO 9001 quality standards.
Ease of Operation:
Automatic cycling.
Programmable for data up to 20 set-ups.
Quick format change without the use of hand tools.
Adjustable time control for tray ejection.
Minimal maintenance.
Easily removable covers.
Access to all machine components by removable covers.
Electrical compliance to IP 65 for ease of sanitation.
Vacuum system with digital vacuum control.
Gas flushing system.
Printed film centering system.
Date coders.
Liquid separator.
Cantilever film roll support.
Gas accumulator surge tank.
Maximum tray height 120 mm / 4.7".
Vacuum pumps: 63 or 100 m3/h (internally mounted).
Accessories for ease of chamber size change.
Speed controls for handling liquids and sauces.

VTI 200 vertical wrapper (VFFS)
VTI 200 vertical wrapper (VFFS)

Product category: Aseptic packaging equipment, Form-fill seal equipment, Thermoform fill and seal equipment, Controlled atmosphere packaging equipment, Automatic packaging systems, Packaging robotic systems

VTI 200 vertical wrapper (VFFS)
Vertical packaging machine (VFFS) which makes a three sealing pack. Medium production speed performance up to 70 cycles/min. with an excellent quality/price ratio.

The VTI 200 machine has been specifically designed for the wrapping of a wide range of many different products types and focuses on markets where the main requirements are, simplicity, reliability, and easy operation of the machine.

The combination of pneumatic operation of the horizontal sealer and an AC motor for the draw down belts provides the machine with a great versatility to work in many different environments. The robustness of all the mechanical and electrical parts, a compact design and the ease of operation together with low maintenance requirements makes the ideal competitively priced machine for intermediate speed applications.

The machine is operated via a 5" colour touch screen with integral industrial PC. All machine parameters are adjusted and saved within this interface resulting in a very flexible and quick change over machine.

Pneumatically operated cross seal jaws.
Pulling belts driven by AC motor and universal joints.
Closed Estructure Frame Construction.
One piece film former.
Industrial PC, colour touch screen(B&R 5").
Capacity to program Data for 100 items.
Machine functions integrated in the screen.
Automatic detection of faults in the sealing temperatures and air pressure of the machine, guarantying a good sealing all time.
Horizontal seal obstruction detection.
Key controlled Access to different operator level.
Automatic detection for the end of film roll.
Motorized centering of film roll holders.
Easy interface with peripheral equipment.
Designed and Manufactured in accordance with the(98/37/CEE) Safety regulations.
Stainless steel version.
Vacuum table for film splicing to facilitate quick roll changes.
Printed film registration system.
Gas injection system for modified atmosphere packaging.
Vacuum belt film feed system.
Special PE jaws, for high speed applications.
Motorised film tracking + film tension control.
Automatic self-centering film roll.
Static eliminators.
Bag vibrator to settle product.
Flat bottom package with center or side seal.
Special easy open knife shapes.
Strings or double bag.
Eurolock,and handle punching systems.
LAN Ethernet connection.
Coders and printers.
Product discharge belts.

SC 200
SC 200

Product category: Aseptic packaging equipment, Form-fill seal equipment, Shrink-wrapping equipment, Thermoform fill and seal equipment, Controlled atmosphere packaging equipment, Automatic packaging systems, Packaging robotic systems

SC 200
Side seal auto packaging machinery for shrink and non shrink films. Medium-high performance level.

The SC side seal auto packaging machinery have been designed to pack all type of products whatever the length, with shrink and non shrink films, for productions of up to 85 cycles / min.

Versatile auto packaging machinery with simple regulations, it adapts quickly to the different products to be wrapped.

Side sealed packs avoid seals over and under, giving clear products with or without shrinking.

The SC 200 auto packaging machinery have been specially designed to achieve high production, even with frequent format changes, including devices that allow for fast and easy changes without the need of tools.

An industrial PC control system includes a simple and quick communication system via a touch sensitive screen which provides a complete diagnosis of the machine and the control parameters continually.

Automatic in-line feeding on a conveyor belt with product separation and alignment systems of the product and manual conveyor width regulation.
Motorised 90º film reel holder placed at waist level, with adjustable mechanic perforation and film end detection. Easy loading of film.
In feed manual moving belt makes easier to put and change the film.
Triangle frame height with motorised adjustment from the touch screen.
Product detection photocells (horizontal and vertical).
Cross seal and cut by hot knife with temperature regulation. Easy to replace.
Side seal by warm wheels with temperature regulation.
Side movement of the sealing head for high products (Opt. Mod. SC 200 / 500)
Three opening pneumatic settings at the cross seal (Mod. SC 200 / 500) and with servo driven motor at any height. (Mod. SC 200S / 500S)
Motorised adjustment of the cross seal opening and closing, from the screen, with sealing jaw safety system.
Solid estate relay provide minimum temperature oscillations of the cross and side sealing systems.
Motorised adjustable height sealing head so that the seal is always central to the pack. (Opt. Mod. SC 200 / 500).
Kissing conveyor belts for wrapping small or instable packs. (Opt. Mod. SC 200 / 500).
Automatic film scrap wheel with easy access. Film distribution device and film break detection.
Control, functions and adjustments of parameters through PC industrial.
Touch screen control panel easy to operate.
Memory for up to 100 different formats of products.
Heavy duty frame construction made from laminated and painted steel tube.
Legs adjustable in height. Wheels for location and transport.
Orientation of the machine: From right to left.
Adaptable to existing production lines.
Easy access to all elements.
Ventilated electric cupboard.
Operation diagnosis.
Parameters and messages on screen.
Protections and safety systems according to CE norms.
Automatic pack format adjustment.
Powered regulation of the in feed conveyor width.
Cross sealing bar and side seal for PE.
Split belt in feed for vertical pack detection of irregular and low products.
Film folding system from flat to centerfold.
Air blower for film opening.
Independent speed of the side seal system and the out feed conveyor belt.
Pneumatic hole punch.
Hot film perforation.
Film perforator for easy opening.
Over head device.
Extension of the in feed belt in 500 mm for wider products.
Double film reel holder.
End of film detector.
Film centring device for printed film.
Coding systems.
Light (three colours) and sound alarm.
Timer for automatic warm up and cool down.
Machine direction: from left to right.
Stainless steel version.
Different feeding and exit elements (feeders, pushers, ramps, conveyors, etc)
MODEM for diagnostic of failure.


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Company details
ULMA Packaging, specialised in the design and production of packaging equipment and services.

With more than 50 years of experience and a team of high qualified professionals, as well as the most advanced design and manufacturing technologies, we offer extensive and innovative solutions in packaging equipment and systems with a main objective: providing additional value to its customers.

We form part of ULMA Business Group which which focuses its business and operations on areas such as Architectural Solutions, Agriculture, Forklift trucks, Construction, Conveyor Components, Handling Systems and Piping.

The added value. ULMA Packaging differentiates itself from the rest of the market by basing itself on solid pillars that sets it apart from the competition.

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