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03 Diagnostics
03.02 Immunochemistry (Immunology)
03.02.07 Immuno assay systems
Immuno assay systems

CRP Quantitative Test kits
N-MID Osteocalcin Quantitative Test kits
Savant-100 Analyzer
25-OH-D Quantitative Test kits
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Company details
Beijing Savant Biotechnology Co., LTD. is committed to the medical laboratory science, specializing in vitro diagnostic product development, production, sales, and service. Savant is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the development of two direction "CLIA" and "POCT" in the immunodiagnostic field.

Savant adheres to independent research and development, with a core technology in chemiluminescence and fluorescence microspheres POCT products, most of them can be up to the international advanced level. As a manufacturer, Savant has the complete tumor markers detection items and is one of the largest manufacturers of tumor markers diagnostic reagents in China, who owns a high market share in domestic independent examination center and third-party medical examination center. In recent years, the development of the company maintained a rapid growth.

Savant has always been adhering to the purpose of maintaining its leading position through technological innovation, product quality and stability,as well as insisting on the spirit of being careful, dedicated and responsible. We had established a 100,000-level clean room certified by the State Food and Drug Administration's Quality System Certification, ensuring the standard environment of the technology development and production. Strict quality control system and product trace ability mechanism ensure the excellent products quality, stability and help users find the root of the problem at the first time. Savant firmly believes the “patients = ourselves” service concept, and make sure real-time response of technology and after-sales service.

Savant not only dedicated to the production and promotion of products, also cooperated with many scientific research institutions, medical equipment companies, and fund public welfare organizations. We look forward to working with customers and the man of insight in the field of medical biological to create a bright future.

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