Beijing Steellex Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd.

No. 25 East Road, Shangdi Information, Industry Base, Haidian District, 100085 Beijing
China, People’s Republic
Telephone +86 10 62980824
Fax +86 10 62982377

Product Categories

03 Diagnostics
03.03 Haematology / Histology / Cytology
03.03.07 Haemostasis reagents (coagulation)
Haemostasis reagents (coagulation)

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Company details
Steellex Scientific Instrument Company is an integrative enterprise that professionally researches, develops, produces and sells medical laboratory instruments and diagnostic reagents. The company was founded in 1993, and currently has nearly 100 employees.

For the past ten years, Steellex has produced over ten thousand units, including Coagulation systems (i.e. automated or semi-automated coagulation analyzers, liquid reagents, control plasma), automated chemistry systems (600T/H and 400T/H), Erythrocyte sedimentation rate/ packet cell volume analyzer systems (20 channel and 64 channel), RBC deformation/aggregation systems, Blood rheology systems,Recombining material, monoclonal antibodies, etc.

Steellex plasma and reagents have registered CE mark, passed ISO13485: 2003 and ISO9001:2000 certificates, And the Steellex reagent laboratory has passed the National External Quality Assessment for three consecutive years since 2004.

Our customers consist of hospitals, universities, institutes, army research facilities, and the national air space research center. In addition, Steellex cooperates with companies internationally in the area of product technology and market development, and has established favorable marketing and service networks.

At Steellex we work to design and manufacture better medical instruments, moving forward so that people can have a better and healthier life.

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