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WHEN CEREBRAL OXIMETRY TECHNOLOGY LAUNCHED commercially in 1993, it promised to provide insight into what some have referred to as the black box of the brain – by providing an objective assessment of the oxygenation of the brain.

While the first cerebral oximetry devices showed some promise, they failed to provide the level of accuracy and precision that was necessary to maximize their usefulness as a standard component of anesthesia management. This, coupled with design limitations of the initial devices led to a loss of confidence and relevance among some clinicians and early adopters, which may still remain today.

HOWEVER, CASMED CONTINUED TO BELIEVE in the promise and future of cerebral oximetry and continued to invest time and resources into developing, refining, enhancing, and validating the technology since 1999.

The first FORE-SIGHT monitor, launched in 2007, utilized four wavelengths of NIR light as opposed to two, generating exponentially better accuracy when compared to alternative devices. The current generation of FORE-SIGHT – FORESIGHT ELITE – now uses five wavelengths of light, along with additional design enhancements to ensure the most accurate readings on the market, allowing cerebral oximetry to finally be used as originally intended: a critical component of any anesthesia management protocol when used in the OR.

FORE-SIGHT PROVIDES ABSOLUTE, ACTIONABLE READINGS that detect cerebral desaturations so consistently and reliably that physicians are empowered to intervene or stay the course with confidence.

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