Dunn Industries Inc.

123 Abby Road, 03103 Manchester, NH
United States of America
Telephone +1 603 666-4800
Fax +1 603 666-4884


Company details
Dunn Industries specializes in extrusion tubing for the medical device market. Our expertise delivers tight tolerance, small diameter tubing using a wide range of thermoplastic materials. We manufacture tubing to exacting customer specifications, as well as offer a standard line of engineered tubing solutions. The company was founded in 1987.

Quality & Precision
We manufacture tubes as small as OD’s 0.008”x ID’s 0.004” and as large as 0.480” for a wide variety of applications. When size is critical, we have the expertise, backed by our solid reputation to get the job done to your specifications – on time and within budget. At Dunn Industries, our Quality Policy guarantees it. Our ability to consistently produce and deliver accurate, close tolerance tubing is what sets Dunn Industries apart from others. Precision laser measuring devices ensure that every inch of our custom tubing complies with your exact specifications with full SPC available.

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