EastCoast Bio Inc.

P.O. Box 489, 03906 North Berwick, ME
211 Wells Street, 03906 North Berwick, ME
United States of America
Telephone +1 207 676-7639
Fax +1 207 676-7658

Product Categories

03 Diagnostics
03.02 Immunochemistry (Immunology)
03.02.11 Drugs of abuse / Toxicology
Drugs of abuse / Toxicology

03 Diagnostics
03.05 Infectious Immunology
03.05.06 Parasitology (Infectious immunology)
Parasitology (Infectious immunology)

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Company details
Celebrating its 20th year in 2015, EastCoast Bio has been a manufacturer and supplier of high quality antigens, antibodies, our exclusive SeaBlock, and specialized immunoassay reagents for the diagnostic manufacturing industry worldwide. Large and small manufacturers all over the world use our raw materials to develop their own immunoassays. We continue to expand our product range of cardiac markers, drug of abuse (DOA) , hormones, infectious diseases, serum proteins, tumor markers and veterinary products.

The Diagnostic Industry, Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, as well as researchers from universities, hospitals and biomedical research facilities, rely on EastCoast Bio for quick service, consistently dependable products, and knowledgeable support. We offer a wide selection of industry-proven, high-performance immunoassay products. Our well-stocked inventory and speedy customer service let us deliver the quantity of products you need as soon as possible — keeping your critical projects on track.

Led by a highly-qualified staff that understands the industry inside and out, EastCoast Bio only offers products that meet the toughest standards for quality. Our customers include major manufacturers that build widely-used, commercially-available kits with our components – because they know they can rely on our unwavering quality year after year.

Formed in 1995, EastCoast Bio is the industry’s exclusive supplier of fish plasma-based blocking reagents, an increasingly popular substitute for bovine-derived proteins that does not cross react with mammalian-based antibodies.

Our Offices
The EastCoast Bio offices are located at the “Old Neal Farm” in North Berwick, Maine. In our 1850 vintage converted barn, we combine the best of modern biotechnology with a rich New England history. This historical landmark was originally built to house the oxen used by the state of Maine to build the “Old East Route” to Portland. The barn was then used for dairy cattle until 1978. Our own recently-updated (and thoroughly modern) animal facility is located minutes away from our main offices.

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