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Transcutaneous nerve stimulation

Extracorporeal Magnetic Innervation (ExMI™)
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NeoControl is based on a revolutionary technology called Extracorporeal Magnetic Innervations (ExMI™).

This technology produces highly focused time varying magnetic field which penetrates deep into the perineum, activating the pelvic floor muscles by stimulating all branches of the pudental and splanchnic nerves.

Pulses of sleep gradient magnetic flux are produced and focused by the specially designed therapy head. These fields pass through clothing, bone and soft tissues to initiate nerve impulses. The time varying magnetic field creates an electrical potential which causes ion flow, or Eddy currents, in the soft tissues of the pelvic floor. This ion flow results in a brief depolarization of resting motor neurons. When a threshold is reached, an action potential is initiated for that neuron. This action potential then propagates naturally down the axon via the usual Na+ and K+ ion flows. Once these impulses reach the motor end plates, the muscles of the pelvic floor respond by contracting at an equal to the output pulse rate of the therapy head. The muscles contract and relax with each pulse, unless the output pulse rate exceeds the muscles’ ability to contract and relax, resulting in a constant or tetanic contraction of the muscles.

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