eZono AG

Spitzweidenweg 32, 07743 Jena
Telephone +49 3641 87617-40
Fax +49 3641 87617-59


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01 Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
01.02 Imaging proceedings
01.02.06 Ultrasound diagnostic equipment
Ultrasound diagnostic equipment

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Company details
eZono is a young dynamic company focused on point of care solutions.
Based in Jena, Germany, eZono brings together a multicultural team of experts, bringing a diverse and fresh approach to ultrasound guidance of interventional procedures.

Founded in 2004, eZono AG is a different kind of ultrasound company, one that empowers non-traditional ultrasound users to incorporate sonography in their daily work. This enables our customers to improve clinical outcomes, enhance patient satisfaction and in particular lower cost. As a result we bring not only affordable portable sonography technology to specific applications but also makes it easy for instance for anesthetists to operate – reducing drastically their learning effort

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