Haemotronic S.p.A.

Via Carreri, 16, 41037 Mirandola (MO)
Telephone +39 0386 807111
Fax +39 0386 807145


Company details
Haemotronic is a privately-owned leading provider of medical disposables and of a large variety of products and services for healthcare market.

Extensive expertise in injection moulding, medical pouches welding and precision extrusion, we have the expertise to develop, design and manufacture a wide range of medical products for medical and pharmaceutical industry.

A tight control from product design to production lines, logistics and maintenance, an intensive production planning with factory automation and an almost limitless manufacturing flexibility at customer service. All this commitment means better products at better prices for everyone.

Innovation, devotion and quality at your service, our team is willing to prove its capabilities to bring your unique needs into a great success!

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