Hefei C&P Nonwoven Products Co., Ltd

No. 22 Park Road, Feidong New City Development Area, 231600 Hefei, Anhui
China, People’s Republic
Telephone +86 551 67709456
Fax +86 551 67709567

Product Categories

05 Commodities and Consumer Goods
05.16 Bandage materials
Bandage materials

Universal Set Standard PLUS
Split Sheet Set
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05 Commodities and Consumer Goods
05.16 Bandage materials
05.16.09 Surgical packs
Surgical packs

Reinforced Surgical Gown
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Company details
Hefei C&P Nonwoven Products Co.,Ltd is a Private company established in 2007,C&P located in Hefei city,capital of Anhui,C&P is a manufacture of supplier of surgical drapes&packs,surgical gown,equipment covers and other disposable medical products.We assemble packs specially for all kinds of surgeries.Our 3000 square meter 100,000 grade standard clean room(ISO8)space and more than 100 employees aiming to flexibility and cost effective efficiency.

Product Range

GOWNS:C&P gowns has designed with safety,comfort and flexibility,Standard or Reinforced or Speciality 3 styles for choice.The variety of different material and models offer you an option to choose the right gown for comfortable and proteced procedure

DRAPES&PACK:C&P Clearly labelled instruction on all drapes to facilitated correct,asceptic and fast application.Wider anaesthesia screen and armboard cover to drape a person from fingertip to fingertip.

Quality Mnagement

All our products certified by TUV on ISO13485 and CE on MDD93/42ECC.We have a 1000 square meter of Level 8 cleanroom,according to strict manage measures,all the materials are to be stringenet quality controlled and tested,for safty of the users And the new 2000 square dustless plant of Level 10 is completed in the July,2013 with the Micro lab.

We will provide the most suitable material and first-class products to serve the clients in the shortest possible time. With the advanced systems,techonolgy and strict quality control system,along with 120 devoted and diligent employees,C&P continuously makes new advances in the field of nonwoven products.

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