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China, People’s Republic
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02 Electrical and electronic components
02.04 ECG electrodes, distributors, cable systems, plugs
ECG electrodes, distributors, cable systems, plugs

Pre-wired sintered Ag-Ag Electrodes
Medical EEG Electrode Cap for Clinical Use
Coated Silver-Silver Chloride EEG electrodes
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Company details
Wuhan Greentek Pty. Ltd, founded in 2006, was as a spin-off from the Electrochemical Materials Laboratory of Wuhan University under the direction of Professor Yvonne Duan. Professor Duan has extensive experience working with electrochemical materials and electrodes with regards to biomedical and industrial application.

Over the past few years Greentek devotes to the design and manufactur of electrochemical sensors including sintered Ag/AgCl electrodes, conductive gel, customized EEG caps, and customized sensors such as non-polarized electrodes and marine sensors.

Now Wuhan Greentek Pty. Ltd has established itself as a leading, reliable designer and manufacturer (EN ISO 13485) of high quality EEG electrodes and accessories. Our mission is to provide new electrode technology and solutions (products and services) to global customers.

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