Jiangxi 3L Medical Products Group Co., Ltd.

No. 599, Torch Street, 330009 Nanchang, Jianxi
China, People’s Republic
Telephone +86 791 88112546
Fax +86 791 88101088

Product Categories

05 Commodities and Consumer Goods
05.07 Disposable articles for surgeries
Disposable articles for surgeries

Foley Balloon Catheters
Ven-O-Lit I.V. Cannula
4 Products

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Company details
Jiangxi 3L Medicinal Group Holdings Limited is the parent company of JiangXi 3L Medicinal Products Corporation. Founded in 1990, we are a high-tech enterprise and an advanced technology enterprises. We are committed to reliability at every level of our company and at each step of every transaction.3L is a highly recognized brand in the Chinese market. We are committed to provide excellent service and guaranteed product quality in china as well as foreign countries. Through consultations with experts in the field and global partnerships with foreign companies, 3L is able to provide our customers with innovative and competitive products.

Over the years, 3L has build a solid reputation in the industry worldwide. Thanks to our rigorous quality control system, our brand of products is synonymous with quality. We are confident that 3L will be your trustworthy business partner. We guarantee that by using our innovative products and solutions, you will minimize your business and be successful.

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