Jiangxi Handasen Industry Co., Ltd

5th Floor, No. 333, Chasheng East Road, 334000 Shangrao, Jiangxi
China, People’s Republic
Telephone +86 793 8305950
Fax +86 793 8787897

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Company details
We constantly seek new designs,
We constantly seek new ideas,
We constantly seek new ways to activate your joint and muscle energy !

We have been on the market for ten years now and our experience is key to understanding the needs of those who seek a Sensible Solution for joint.

We are constantly striving to secure a wide selection of products and product configurations to our customers with 4 lines of brace whose impeccable quality and original design will suit a variety of needs and requirements. Our advance material guarantees many years of silent and efficient service while our Medical Support Brace mean security and trouble-free operation. Now that's what we call a Sensible Solution.

A wide assortment of Sport Protective Support and sport accessories will meet the needs of those who seek sport protection: from shoulder, waist to ankle supports will meet your needs. Now that's what we call a Sensible Solution.

We also go out of our way to take care of your body in household with a variety of Electrical Heated Therapy Brace from classic through wireless to battery designs for free movement. Now that's what we call a Sensible Solution.

Our quick and efficient service staff will reply your calling at home to identify the problem and solve it accordingly.
They will leave you with an impeccable product and a sense of satisfaction. Now that's what we call a Sensible Solution.

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