Jiangxi Langhe Medical Instrument Co., Ltd

4F, Tower D, Wanli Trade Center, No. 346 Panyudadao North, 510000 Guangzhou
China, People’s Republic
Telephone +86 20 66625266
Fax +86 20 31046252

Product Categories

03 Diagnostics
03.01 Clinical chemistry
03.01.09 Equipment and systems for urinary diagnosis
Equipment and systems for urinary diagnosis

Size Card of Circumcision
Disposable circumcision stapler
Size15 Disposable circumcision stapler
3 Products

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Company details
Jiangxi Langhe Medical Instrument Co., Ltd is a provincial high-tech enterprise and is located in Yongfeng County, Jiangxi Province. Our business principle is “Innovation with people oriented”. We keep focusing on research and development and manufacture of surgical device& consumable and got certificates of CE, ISO13485, ISO9001. The headquarters of our company covers an area of about 71000 aquare meters, and it is a modern enterprise according to the national GMP standard. Our products are saleable to the world with strong support of academics and R&D ability.
The spirit of our company is Professional, Innovation,Teamwork, and Aggressive. Our objective is to be the best medical technical enterprise of the world.

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