Shaoxing Yibon Medical Co., Ltd.

No. 341 Yuewang Road, Paojiang Industrial Zone, 312000 Shaoxing, Zhejiang
China, People’s Republic
Telephone +86 575 88172701
Fax +86 575 88172700

Product Categories

05 Commodities and Consumer Goods
05.08 Disposable articles for hospitals
Disposable articles for hospitals

Cotton Balls
Film Wound Dressing
Alcohol swabs
Cotton Tipped Applicator
First aid bandagesⅡ
5 Products

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Company details

Yibon Medical, set up in 1997, is specialized in manufacturing medical disposable products, and dedicated to provide the most complete and advanced programs for consumers around the world.
The company is in Shaoxing. The town is located in the east of China which is near to Shanghai and Ningbo, so both ocean shipping and air transport are very convenient. With the standard clean rooms and modern workshops, we strictly organize the productions in accordance with ISO standards. Our products are most widely used in hospital surgery and home care, and pharmacy and supermarket are the main channels for home care. We are always developing flexible businesses that meet the unique characteristics of the market and area of each nation worldwide.
As a growing company, we plan to continue setting trends in superior quality and competitive price. Quality and reputation are the foundation for our competitiveness and our corporate growth, and thus for our success in the future.
We warmly welcome you to visit our company and sincerely hope that we may become business partners on a win-win basis.

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