Shengguang Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.

26/F, Block A, World Trade Center, Shangdu Road, Zhengdong New District, 450047 Zhengzhou City
China, People’s Republic
Telephone +86 371 60131332
Fax +86 371 60131328

Product Categories

05 Commodities and Consumer Goods
05.01 Acupuncture equipment and accessories
05.01.01 Acupressure devices
Acupressure devices

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Company details
Shengguang Medical Instrument Co., Ltd, established in 1993, and it is a specific manufacturer designated by State Food &Drug Administration to produce all kinds of medical disposables, including disposable medical instruments, disposable consumables, and medical equipments.

Shengguang is the professional supplier of all kinds of Disposable Syringes, Infusion Sets, Dental Infusion Sets, IV Catheters and etc, with more than 10,100workers including 893engineering technicians and 346 technicians holding the internal examination qualification certificate issued by the state. In 2013, Shengguang's production capacity is 7.82 million pcs syringes and 4million pcs infusion set EVERY DAY.
All Shengguang's products are approved by ISO9001 2000 quality control system identification, ISO13485 quality control system and CE identification, which is in conformity with GMP standard and advanced testing instruments.
Beside of the syringe factory, SHENGGUANG has other three individual factories: SISING is to produce Wheelchairs, Knee Walkers/Scooters and Hospital Beds ; JOINKONA is to produce Disposable Non-woven Products, such as Surgical Drape, Surgical Gowns, Medical Gloves…And the last one, RUIDA is to produce Clinical Thermometers and Medical Paste.
The products have been sold to 76 countries all of the world, and now sincerely welcome your enquiry and orders.
P.S. Shengguang has been authorized to be UN Supplier, the registration No. is 201819.

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