245 E Main Street #115, 91801 Alhambra, CA
United States of America
Telephone +1 323 9088554

Product Categories

01 Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
01.04 Intense medicine / anesthesiology / respiration
01.04.04 Patient monitoring systems / Measuring stations
Patient monitoring systems / Measuring stations

Mini ECG - TCL-200
Patient ECG - iPM 42-1
Neonatal ECG - NE1-500
Neonatal ECG - NE2-450
Pet ECG - PT1-350
5 Products

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Company details
What we do
The Company focuses on ECG and production of medical instruments.

How we do
We're not just making medical products, we're marketing medical care. We care how our product is, how our client feels and how the patient feels using our product!

Our concept
Care the life, we make excellent products!

Our target
Sticking to the cultural philosophy of customer-orientation and quality first, the Company is advancing with the times and continuously developing new products.

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