Spectrum Plastics Group

2500 Northwinds Pkwy, Suite # 472, 30009 Alpharetta
United States of America
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Spectrum Plastics Group History
From Extrusion to a Spectrum of Specialty Medical Plastics

The US-based specialty plastic products company today known as Spectrum Plastics Group combines the histories of Pexco, Kelcourt Plastics, and PPC Industries.

Our history comprises the stories of three specialty plastics organizations:

PPC Industries, a specialty films and flexible packaging manufacturer based in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin;
Kelcourt Plastics, a medical tubing extruder based in San Clemente, California; and
Pexco, a specialty extruder and medical plastics company based in Alpharetta, Georgia.
For many years Kelcourt Plastics and Pexco competed in the high volume medical tubing space. Around the end of the first decade in the new millennium, both found themselves under new ownership, specifically PPC Industries in the case of Kelcourt. Later transactions on both sides incorporated a wide range of new technical and manufacturing capabilities suiting the medical device sector, ultimately yielding the combined Spectrum Plastics Group when the two were merged in 2017.

Today, the Spectrum Plastics Group, across 3 continents, 5 countries, 16 facilities, and over 1,500 employees, manufactures specialty plastic and silicone devices, components and assemblies for the medical devices industry.

Our vision is to serve as a trusted partner and leader to the Medical Device Industry, providing comprehensive and highly engineered plastics and material solutions, which enable health restoring therapies for the benefit of patients globally.

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