Statek Corporation

512 N. Main Street, 92868 Orange, CA
United States of America
Telephone +1 714 639-7810

Product Categories

02 Electrical and electronic components
02.29 Sensors

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Company details
Our Mission Statement
To offer customers a broad line of leading edge, ultra-miniature quartz frequency control devices and to provide solutions via knowledgeable applications support, excellent customer service and superior product quality.

History of Innovation
In 1970, Statek Corporation pioneered the miniaturization of quartz timing elements to revolutionize the frequency control industry. Today, Statek continues the tradition of innovation as a technological leader in the design and manufacture of ultra-miniature quartz crystals, oscillators and sensors. Since its inception, Statek has been synonymous with innovation, service and quality. All products are designed, manufactured and tested in the United States.

Statek assembles the crystal resonators in ceramic packages hermetically sealed with glass or ceramic covers. Statek products are substantially smaller than mechanically produced crystal products. Typical features of Statek crystals, oscillators and sensors are:
High stability and precision frequency
Low long-term aging
Low power consumption
Extremely small footprint
Excellent shock resistance
Ultra low-profile
Designed and manufactured in the USA

Design Capabilities
Custom-designed finite element analysis software enables accurate device behavior modeling prior to building the physical prototype, saving you time. Benefit from our past successes with our extensive design and process library.

Statek has the expertise to design and analyze a quartz resonator for all of the mechanical geometries in their various operating modes.

Expert Engineering Assistance
At Statek, we are committed to the success of your project. Our highly knowledgeable research and development team is ready to assist you in all aspects of design and development, with expertise in varied technical disciplines such as physics, chemistry, mechanical and electrical engineering.

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