Jiangsu Shenli Medical Production Co., Ltd.

No. 20, Changzheng Rd., Zhenglu Town, Wujin, 213111 Changzhou, Jiangsu
China, People’s Republic
Telephone +86 519 88731071
Fax +86 519 88737101

Product Categories

01 Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
01.03 Therapie and physical medicine
01.03.04 Infusion technology equipment
Infusion technology equipment

Disposable sterile Hypodermic Needle
Safety Blood Collection Set
Disposable Blood Transfusion Set
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Company details
Jiangsu Shenli Medical Production Co.,Ltd was established in March 1987, was one of the earliest 14 enterprises production of disposable medical devices , and in 1990 received the first batch of production license of industrial products. Mainly produces 8 major categories of 38 varieties of disposable medical devices with"Tian word" brand, including disposable sterile syringes, disposable infusion sets, disposable blood transfusion devices, single use intravenous needles ,etc.It has total assets of 20 million yuan , the staff 215 and gets the honor of China’s Medical Device Industry Medical Polymer Branch and Jiangsu Province , the governing unit of the medical industry associations.

Resources disposition:
Our company now covers an area of 35 acres, the production houses more than 6000 square meters, construction area of 20,000 square meters. There are 4 sets 300,000 calories refrigeration units, 20 sets injection molding machines, 5 sets automatic printing line machine, 2 sets of blow molding machines, automatic assembly machine 5 sets, 15 sets automatic sealing machines, 2 sets of extruding machines, 3 sets computer automatic pipe cutting machines, blister packaging machines, balers and other production equipment. What’s more, company has two units of ethylene oxide sterilizer, to ensure the effective sterilization within 24 hours. We have testing equipments, such as gas chromatography to purify the console, bacteriological incubator, rigidity, toughness, firmness meter, flow, filtration rate detection apparatus for sterile products for physical, chemical and biological properties of a comprehensive testing, to ensure the quality of manufactured product compliance.

Technological innovation:
New product development adhere to the principle as"others do not have, we have; others slow, we fast; others good, we best", every year there are new kind of products. Products are mainly supplied to Europe and the United States and Central Asia. Our company recognizes the importance of technological innovation, investment in fixed assets per year 80,0000-100,0000 yuan, and the active use of automated production equipment to improve the capacity and technical level.

Management level:
Company has 10 years of total quality management, has accumulated a wealth of experience and established a quality assurance system."Quality first, customers first"has become a code of conduct for all employees. In the process of implementing the ISO13485 standard, we clearly put forward the quality policy"people first, quality first, credit report services, catch up with first-class"and the challenge to the zero-defect quality goals, so that the company’s quality management in line with the requirements of ISO 13485 standard in March 2007 again passed the TUV Product Service (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd on the system of annual review audits, and in July 2007 2-5 by the U.S.FDA of the plant on-site audit.

Staff quality:
Company pays attention to talent introduction and training of personnel. Now owns more than 30 mid-level staff, production, quality control department is responsible for the per capita for tertiary education, and quality inspection personnel of medical devices by the State Quality Inspection Center training, health management personnel The Jiangsu Province Health Authority training and certificates. Corporate decision-making, management personnel have undergone YY/T0287-2003/ISO13485; 2003"Medical Device Quality Management System requirements for regulatory" and the United States 820 laws and regulations, training and internal audit staff and 20 to obtain permits. Employees all received appropriate quality, health knowledge, training, and pass the examination for posts, in order to ensure product quality and lay a solid foundation .

In order to further explore the market and enhance the recognition of"Tian word"brand, we set the branches in the nation’s major capital cities and major cities of the operators and the enterprise's products placed on the Internet, so that users around the world have a right enterprise products perceptual knowledge. In order to facilitate business negotiations, and has with the United States, Britain, Norway, Canada, Yemen, Argentina, just Colombia (DRC) and other countries established a business relationship for many years.

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