Jiangsu Weikang Jiejing Medical Apparatus Co., Ltd

No. 18, Wenzhou Road, Economic, Development Zone, 223600 Shuyang, Jiangsu
China, People’s Republic
Telephone +86 527 80817128
Fax +86 512 80819000

Product Categories

05 Commodities and Consumer Goods
05.07 Disposable articles for surgeries
Disposable articles for surgeries

Nasal Cannula
Oxygen Mask
Venturi Mask, 6 diluters
Nelaton Catheter
Drainage Tubing
5 Products

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Company details
Jiangsu Weiakang Jiejing Medical Apparatus Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of singe use medical devices. It is located in No.18, Wenzhou Road, Shuyang, Suqian City, Jiangsu Province, and covers 100,000 m2. Weikang has always been practicing the philosophy of entrepreneurship, “For Greatness, For Healthcare” for more than 20 years. Till now, Weikang has 5 product categories; i.e. Respiratory Care, Anesthesia, Urology, Surgery and Puncture.

Weikang makes unremitting endeavor to “Helping People Regain Their Lives”, and dares to be the first to strengthen China’s Disposable Medical Supplies Industry. Today, there is more than 700 employees working here, and we were identified to be one of the Private Science and Technology Enterprises in Jiangsu Province in 2014. For now, Weikang has more than 60 Registration Certificates for Medical Device under CFDA and more than 20 patents.

As we constantly practice the philosophy of “Quality Begins with Me”, our brand value unceasingly increases. When it comes to the quality system, Weikang has got ISO13485:2012 and CE certificates, at the same time, Weikang has passed all of the FDA field inspections without any 483 observations.

Today’s Weikang, has already have 4 wholly-owned subsidiaries,i.e.:
Jiangsu Weikang Jiejing Medical Apparatus Co., Ltd.
Suzhou Weikang Medical Apparatus Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Zongkang Plastic Technologies Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Weikang Jiejing International Trade Co., Ltd.

Today’s Weikang, covers a full range supply chain of PVC granulating, Injection Molding, Tube Extruding, Finished Goods Assembly, Packaging Materials and ETO Sterilization.

Today’s Weikang, has cooperation with partners in more than 30 provinces in China, and more than 100 countries and regions abroad. Weikang has won a good reputation from Cardinal Health, Covidien and Intersurgical, etc.

Weikang will definitely be a place where we can wholeheartedly build our Medical Dream, be a life ark that carries the health dream of human beings.

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